Benjamin Jenkins

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Here you can find music, landscape photography, and personal and spiritual development resources. Benjamin wears a few different hats, so take your time as you explore this space. The commonality you will find, however, is an intentional expression of the heart, and a strong desire to give people an experience of growth and discovery. It is Benjamin's desire that all who visit here will experience peace from the beauty of visible and audible creation, purpose from their connection with God, with family and friends, and with nature, and finally possibility through learning to embrace broader horizons, loftier goals, and a deeper appreciation for the gift of today. 


Here you can find information about how to buy Ben's recordings, what some of his photos look like, and of course links to his social media accounts. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all and we will make sure you get answers! Otherwise enjoy your visit and please come again soon!

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