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 Hello, friend! As I'm sure you are aware, we are living in unprecedented and frightening times. I have repeatedly witnessed first-hand how music is often the most effective medium to lift the spirits in the midst of uncertainty or anxiety. However, musicians are among those most affected by the new way the world is operating. Concerts are not only the most dynamic and impactful way for a musician to reach an audience – they are also the most financially lucrative. People are much more willing to pay for an experience than for an mp3. So you can understand that a virtual shift in the world is making a huge impact on the livelihood of musicians like myself around the world.

But isn't just about everyone struggling financially right now, you may ask?

Of course the answer is yes. So why should you concern yourself with the financial well-being of a musician?

For your consideration here is my opinion on the matter. Ultimately you must do what you believe is right and financially responsible for you and your family.

I believe that music (art in general) is to the soul what food, and even medicine, is to the physical body. I can't prove that in words, and I'm not trying to. If you've experienced this then you know it is true. If not you simply cannot yet say for certain whether it is or it isn't. Those are bold statements, I know, but they are some of my most firmly held beliefs based on my own life experience, and on the experiences and testimonies of the artists who have gone before me.

Now that everything is happening online it is hard to get people to pay for the privilege of attending virtual concerts, nor do I believe it is right for me to charge for this service. I have been doing them on a regular basis since mid March, and I have no plans to stop now. But even though I am by no means famous I have already lost out on thousands of dollars of paid gigs as a result of Covid-19. So far I have not been promised anything near that in compensation from the government. Of course I could take a job at a grocery store as many others have done, and I strongly feel that would be fulfilling a vital need, but if I do that I will inevitably be forced to spend less time preparing and sharing music for you all. That is the situation plain and simple.

If you choose to do so, you have the opportunity on this page to make a donation so that I can continue to provide the service of free, live, and uplifting music. Every donation makes a difference! Thank you in advance!

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